Robert Livsey Wells



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My non-objective abstract work depicts the colors, textures and motion that occur in the natural world. Surface and textural variations, spherical and organic forms represent my interest in the universal paradox: change over time, and seemingly simultaneous permanence. Light seems to pass through structures, planes intersect and shift creating kinetic effects. Dramatic contrast is an important component in all my work. Light spaces invite the viewer to pass into the painting, to ‘see’ new forms and shapes in an attempt to discard habitual or conditioned ways of seeing the world.

I listen to varied classical musical scores while I paint, visually painting the emotions I am experiencing. My “Planes of Obscure Feelings” series, made reference to a statement by Gustav Mahler in which he alludes to the musical passages in his music that allow him to find clarity, as he passes through his own ‘obscure feelings’.

I am not at any time painting or illustrating any composer’s ideas or concepts. Perceptually, for me, color and light, along with organic forms and vertical structures, embody certain moods or tonalities of music. The Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, wrote about the colors that were evoked in musical scores. Not unlike Scriabin, I ‘see’ those colors, but I see them in movement, and in contrast to the light passages, which, as in all my work, become the metaphors for ‘seeing’ into a new reality.

Lightscapes and Moleculii, express my interest in the essence of organic forms – what is behind or hidden from what we habitually perceive as we look at nature. Using full-palette color layered over light spaces, I seek out the ‘unseen’ – the molecular or cellular structure of what we typically or habitually observe in the natural landscape: a metaphor for seeing beyond habituation. By incorporating suggestive imagery as well as geometric structure, I present a scape to my viewers that asks them to re-create the painting, discovering, as they do, an unseen hidden reality behind and through its color and light structure. I want these paintings to be visionary places, where the viewer can be drawn into the painting to experience the ever-changing, moving drama of life.