Sandy Keller



“Gaze deeply into Sandy Keller's luminous paintings and allow the imagination to take flight.” Emily Van Cleve (Focus Magazine) Like many artists, Sandy Keller moved to Santa Fe to pursue her art career. After working as a registered nurse in San Diego for years and creating her art on the side, Keller decided to take the leap. In the year 2000, Keller, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico so she could achieve her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Keller’s dedication to her work has been the driving factor of her success in Santa Fe. Her style ranges from impressionist landscapes in oil to acrylic abstracts . The process for her abstractions is very time consuming and she can sometimes be working on up to twenty-one paintings simultaneously. Keller laughed at this and said that no one else creates art like hers because they just aren’t crazy enough! Keller begins the process with layers of gesso on a horizontal panel. She then applies watered down acrylics, letting them run across the panel to see what forms. Working her way up, she adds colored glazes when she wants to isolate layers. Keller watches and directs the paint as each layer dries, but the end result is not always what she expects. “Where I think I’m going and where I end up can be totally different,” said Keller, “but I can keep adding layers of glazes and paints until I feel it’s finished.” Keller’s final pieces have anywhere from thirty to fifty layers of paint or glaze and are finished with a top layer of resin. With so many layers, Keller achieves amazing depth in what turns out to be luminous and vibrant works of art. Keller often incorporates animals into her abstract work. “When I do an animal, I’m painting the essence of that animal, not the animal itself,” explained Keller, “that’s what my paintings are really about, the essence of things.” Illustrating the serendipity that is unique to Keller’s process. Keller has been featured in a number of publications including Western Art Collector, Southwest Art Magazine and “Art Journey New Mexico: 104 Painter’s Perspectives”, which is a publication from the editor’s of The Collector’s Guide. She is also proud to have been included in Nancy Reyner’s book “Acrylic Innovation”, published in 2010. A follow-up to “Acrylic Revolution”, this book contains the work of sixty-four acrylic artists worldwide and gives insight into their techniques. Keller is also featured in Reyner’s book “Acrylic Illuminations” published in 2013. Sandy Keller and James Moore Collaboration Works Synergy is definitely created in these Sandy Keller and James Moore works of art with the juxtaposition of the deep vibrant colors of Keller's abstract work and the stone and detailed bronze figures of Moore. The collaboration brings new dimensions to both artists' work.

Gallery Representation & Exhibitions: 2014-2017 Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 2007-2014 Gallery 822, Santa Fe, NM 2012-2020 Pitzer's Fine Art. Wimberly TX 2015-2018 Silver Hat Gallery, Tubac, AZ 2012-2013 White Dog Gallery, Carbondale, CO 2012-2020 Texas Treasures Fine Art, Bourne, TX 2011-2020 The West Lives On, Jackson Hole, WY 2011-2019 Cogswell Gallery, Vail CO 2011 Leonard Galleries, Taos, NM 2010-2011Fairhaven Originals Gallery, Bellingham, WA 2009 The Edge Gallery, invitational show, Santa Fe, NM 2009 Peterson-Cody Gallery, exhibition & book signing, Santa Fe, NM 2008-2009 Grimshaw Fine Art, Taos, NM 2006 Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 2005 St.John’s College, “The Road Show” invitational, Santa Fe, NM 2005 Crossroads Contemporary Art Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 2005 LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, FOCA juried show, Santa Fe, NM