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May 11, 2018 - InArt Santa Fe

Hello all!

InArt has been in operation for 12 years this month of May- wow! Most recently, we have welcomed back two of our most beloved artists from back in the day- and by "back in the day", we're talking first-painting-ever-sold from the gallery by Mike! Artist Nancy Reyner had no idea that she had been Younger Mike's first sale until this past week when she dropped by to pick up a check and the two of them began to remenisce. The decade between then and now passed with Nancy following great success in her artistic and teaching career, and an understandably limited amount of time to dedicate to having work up in the gallery. Now that a few of those obligations have shifted for the artist, we could not be happier to have the works back up in our front room. Browse through her profile of works found under "Artists" on this site to get an idea of these beautiful, transportive acrylics; stop by the gallery to see them in person and experience them fully; and, if you're curious, come in and ask about the magic that happens when the lights change. 

Strangely enough, Nancy Reyner is not the only artist whose return we are celebrating this month. In 2012, Timothy Weldon's last painting at the gallery sold to some lucky buyer. For six years, the gallery went without Tim's heartful touch until this past season when the price was right and Mike jumped to claim seven new paintings. The content and spirit behind every single one of Tim's pieces is evidenced in his willingness to set up shop and begin to create right here at the gallery, as well as in the joy that is palpably felt in any viewer that feels drawn to the work.

Tim, Nancy, and all of our artists' work is viewable on the website and purchaseable online or over the phone. Email with questions/interest, call 505.983.6537, or fill in the contact sheet under "Contact" in the top menu of the website.  Find out more about a specific work that is displayed on the site by clicking the second icon from the left underneath that work- the icon should read "inquire" when touched on. 

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